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Pricing - air freight charges

The following information is needed in order to calculate the price of an air freight shipment:

  •  The station of origin and the final destination
  •  Quality of the goods
  •  Gross weight
  •  Measures and volume

Air freight charges are published from the station of origin to the final destination. The charges do not include delivery, customs clearance or other related charges.

Our Cargo Contact Center will be happy to provide you with further information on freight prices for shipments from Finland.

Cargo Contact Center
tel. +358 9 818 501
fax +358 9 818 5474

For pricing information from other countries please see local contacts.

Weight and volume as basis for pricing

Transportation charges are determined based on shipment’s gross weight or volume weight. Volume weight is calculated by dividing shipment’s cubic centimeters by 6000. Therefore, 6 dm3 = 1 kg and 1 m3 = approx. 167 kg. If a shipment’s volume weight is larger than the gross weight, the shipment is priced according to volume weight.

Freight charges

All charges related to a shipment are listed on the AWB of the shipment in question. The charges can always and in all countries be collected from the shipper, or usually also from the consignee. However, to some countries it is not possible to send shipments with freight charges to be collected from the consignee. However, when sending special freight (for example live animals) all charges are collected from the shipper. The charges must also be paid in the country of origin when the value of the goods does not correspond to the freight charges. (for example specimens, printed materials etc.) or the shipper is also the consignee.

If the freight charges are collected in the country of destination, the airline will, depending on the country, charge from the consignee an additional collection fee. The amount of the fee is based on the freight charges. If the consignee for some reason refuses to claim a shipment, the shipper is always responsible for all applicable freight and other charges


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